Counselling in Gwynedd, North Wales – An Introduction to Mindfulness Mindfulness is an ancient eastern practice and is a way of being, where we pay careful attention to all of our experience. The teaching and practice of mindfulness is central to Buddhism. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to our feelings, our thoughts and physical sensations […] Read more »

Couples and Relationships

Being in a relationship can be exhilarating, exciting and fun. Spending time with another person that you share a special bond with can be very rewarding. However being in a relationship with another person takes effort and commitment from both sides. Sometimes we can let other things in our lives take priority, for example work […] Read more »


What is self esteem? There are several terms that can be used when describing self-esteem, for example, self- worth, self-image and self-respect. These are ways to describe our views and opinions about ourselves and how we see ourselves. They can reflect an overall belief or judgement we may have about ourselves, for example, “I feel […] Read more »